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Auto Injuries
When you are injured in a car accident physical therapy can be a key component while you are on the road to recovery. Right after the car accident, several things may happen:
  • You may have pain in areas that are obvious (and in areas that are not so obvious).
  • You may experience swelling in muscles that have been strained and in joints that have been injured.
  • You may note muscles are tight and “ache” or “burn” (known as muscle guarding).
  • Motion may be restricted due to pain and muscle spasm.
  • Over time, symptoms such as persistent headaches, radiating pain, problems sleeping and may also develop.

In order to start the healing process quickly and effectively, all of those areas of concern need to be addressed.

The Physical Therapists on our team specialize in the care of traumatic injuries like those sustained in a car accident and work related injuries.

Starting with your very first visit, we will work with you to help:
Decrease pain
Decrease physical stress
Increase function

Whether you were injured in an automobile accident, a work related incident, or any other traumatic injury our team is ready to help you on your road to recovery.

Call us today at 772- 692-6994 to schedule your first appointment. You will receive quality professional care by our Certified Physical Therapist. 
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